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Do You Need a Mouth Guard?

When we sleep, our bodies do many unexplained things for a variety of reasons. For instance, some people talk in their sleep and others may get up, walk around, and forget how they ended up there. If you’re experiencing jaw pain when you wake up in the morning or have noticed tooth decay, you might be unconsciously grinding your teeth in your sleep. Maybe you’re experiencing severe headaches when you wake up or tooth sensitivity throughout your day. Whatever the case may be, your Brooklyn dentist may recommend the use of a mouth guard to prevent further damage to your mouth. Here are three cases in which a mouth guard could be beneficial to using while you sleep.

Intense Jaw Pain

Whether it’s stress-related or a side-effect of a medicine you’re taking, clenching your jaw while you sleep can cause extreme jaw pain. In addition to sleeping, clenching your jaw can also happen during the day when you are stressed or agitated. Regardless of when this happens to you, intense jaw pain often follows shortly afterwards. When the muscles in your jaw are so tight and there is pressure put on your teeth, your jaw takes the brunt of the force and causes pain. If this is happening to you, your Brooklyn dentist may prescribe a mouth guard for you to wear at night. This will help to put space between your teeth when you’re clenching and alleviate pressure on the jaw.

Chipped Teeth

When it comes to our teeth, accidents happen. Whether you’re playing a contact sport or just doing a regular, every day task, chipping or breaking your teeth can happen. Many times, if you’re unable to fix the chipped tooth immediately, your Brooklyn dentist may give you a mouth guard to wear at night to prevent any other damage to the tooth. Wearing a mouth guard temporarily until the tooth is bonded can help to prevent root damage and alleviate the pain of the broken tooth.


Whether you play a contact or noncontact sport, protecting your teeth during sports with a mouth guard is necessary. While many athletes may complain about a mouth guard being uncomfortable or not aesthetically pleasing, it is crucial in protecting the health of your teeth while you play sports. Your Brooklyn dentist may suggest you wear a mouth guard while playing sports regardless of the intensity.

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