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Canker Sores: What are They, What Causes Them, & How to Treat Them

It has probably happened to you before: you start to chew your lunch and you feel a tinge of pain on your cheek. Perhaps you’re drinking a glass of ice water and feel a sting on the inside of your lip. If this has been something you’ve experienced, chances are that you’ve had a canker sore on your gums, lip, or anywhere else inside of your mouth. While these sores aren’t always a serious matter, visiting your dentists in Brooklyn to check out why they’re happening can help to alleviate the issue. However, you’re still probably wondering why these pesky spots keep popping up in your mouth. Here are some reasons as to why canker sores could happen to you and how to treat them.

A small, mouth injury – Have you ever accidentally jabbed yourself with your toothbrush? The chances of a canker sore appearing in that same area are very probably. Often times, a small, mouth injury like biting your lip while chewing, getting hit in the mouth, or brushing too forcefully can cause a canker sore to arise.

Food sensitivities – Many times, people have sensitivities to food that will only show up on their lips, gums, or other areas of the mouth. While checking  with your dentist in Brooklyn should be a priority upon realizing this, many times food sensitivities can cause basic canker sores.

Hormonal shifts – If you’re a woman, there are chances that you can develop canker sores during your menstrual cycle. Hormonal shifts in your body, like those during your menstrual cycle, menopause, or while you’re pregnant can trigger the development of canker sores in your mouth.

While many times a canker sore isn’t a sign of anything serious, it is important to visit your dentist in Brooklyn or medical doctor to be completely sure. This is essential if they are more frequent than they’ve been before, since they could be signally a food allergy, underlying auto-immune disease, or another condition.

Treating Canker Sores

Treating your canker sores is often pretty simple and can be done at home. There are plenty of over-the-counter, topical treatments that can help to ease the pain of a canker sore. In addition, there are also many rinses available to help alleviate any pain, swelling, or sensitivity of canker sores too. If your canker sores persist over the course of many weeks, talking to your doctor or dentist is necessary.

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