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Abscessed Teeth – The Signs & How to Prevent Them

If you’ve ever had an abscessed tooth, you understand that it’s a pain like none other. With the throbbing, swollen gums and/or cheeks, and potential for the infection to spread elsewhere, the seriousness of an abscessed tooth is very severe. When you’re looking for a knowledgeable, friendly Brooklyn NY dentist that can help you with your abscessed tooth, our team at Park Slope Dentistry is here. However it’s important to keep in mind the warning signs before your abscessed tooth becomes a larger issue. Here are some warning signs of an abscessed tooth that you should keep your eye out for.

Tooth pain – One of the first warning signs of an abscessed tooth is tooth pain. Even though this common oral issue could be attributed to sensitivity or a cavity, it’s important to keep in mind that it could also be abscessed as well. If your tooth is in pain when you bite down or chew, it’s important to contact your Brooklyn NY dentist to make sure that it’s not the beginning of it becoming abscessed.

Swollen gums – After tooth pain, generally an abscessed tooth is diagnosed by the area around the root being swollen and/or red. If the gum around the affected tooth looks irritated and puffy, it could be a sign that the tooth is abscessed. In addition, if there is a sore on the gum near the affected area, this is a tell-tale sign that the tooth is abscessed. Contacting your Brooklyn NY Dentist immediately when seeing this sign is crucial to your overall health so it can be addressed right away.

Fever – If you’re experiencing all of the symptoms above accompanied by a fever, it could be time to call your dentist. A fever is a classic sign that there is an infection in the body somewhere and if all the signs above are showing as well, it could mean that you have an abscessed tooth. Addressing this immediately with not only your dentist but also your medical doctor is very important in getting rid of the source of the infection.

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