Am I an Ideal Candidate for Porcelain Laminates?

Porcelain laminates, or most commonly known as porcelain veneers, are thing porcelain shells that are bonded over natural teeth to help greatly improve their appearance and function. Whether you have misshapen teeth, or want more vivid white teeth, porcelain veneers might be the perfect choice. Park Slope Dentistry offers porcelain laminates in Brooklyn, and can help greatly improve your smile. However, it’s important to first qualify as a candidate for porcelain laminates.

Porcelain laminates are placed over the facial part of your natural teeth, and are attractive and functional. Often, porcelain laminates are an ideal alternative to crowns, and require a smaller amount of your natural tooth to be removed.

Porcelain Veneers can correct the following issues:

  • Stained Teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Gaps in separating teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Misalignment of teeth that affects the smile line.

The perfect candidate for porcelain veneers should meet the following requirements:

  • Healthy and decay free natural teeth
  • Free of gum disease
  • Perfectly aligned bite
  • Sufficient and healthy tooth enamel
  • Doesn’t clench or grind teeth

If you’re interested in achieving a smile makeover, consider scheduling an appointment with Park Slope Dentistry in Brooklyn, New York, to see if you meet the requirements for porcelain laminates.