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Oftentimes, multiple oral health issues impact your smile simultaneously. For example, teeth grinding can lead to cracked or chipped teeth and dental cavities, while jaw pain and gum disease impact your oral function and appearance.

In these situations, our team can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile with a comprehensive full mouth reconstruction plan. Your dentist will examine your mouth with advanced digital technology and create a detailed treatment plan. This will help you understand the process, prepare for procedures, and have realistic expectations of your results.

Depending on the extent of your needs, your dentist may recommend treatments such as bone grafting, dental bridges, crowns, fillings, veneers, dental implants, orthodontics, gum therapy, and more to address your symptoms and rebuild your smile. Our team is trained and experienced in this field of dentistry and will ensure that your treatment is efficient, cost-effective and successful.

The benefits of working with a dedicated family dentistry practice include:

By working closely with you and your family, a specialized dentist can build up a familiarity with your medical history and oral conditions that can lead to early detection. Consistent visits to your family dentist can also make it easier to manage general problems such as tooth decay, attrition, misalignment, and jaw pain by catching them before they become serious.

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