3 Uncommon Things That Could be Harming Your Teeth

While red wine, coffee, and candy always are to blame for oral health problems, there are other foods that are Woman at the dentistjust as bad. Here are a few common foods that we don’t usually see as harmful:

Raisins – While raisins might be a better alternative to other sweet snacks, they still act the same when coming in contact with your teeth. Raisins can become stuck in your teeth when chewing, causing tooth decay.

Potato Chips – When you chew potato chips, the small fragments can become stuck in the nooks and crannies of your mouth. When saliva breaks them down, simple sugars are released. These sugars, like the raisins mentioned before, can stick to the enamel and cause tooth decay.

White Wine – White wine is just as bad for your teeth as red wine! These wines are very acidic, causing the enamel on your teeth, to erode. With this protective barrier broken away, your teeth become more sensitive to pain and can become stained.

Just like everything else, moderation and healthier alternatives are a great way to get the satisfaction you’re looking for in a snack while keeping your teeth healthy. The Park Slope Dentistry staff and dentists in Brooklyn can help you find ways to enjoy these foods while maintaining healthy cleaning habits. These dentists in Brooklyn have a wide variety of experiences that can help you and your family maintain a healthy and beautiful smile!