3 Overlooked Factors in Tooth Discoloration

Everyone wants pearly whites that they can proudly display when they flash a smile. Because of this, there are Young Woman Health Teethso many different options when it comes to tooth whitening – between whitening procedures to DIY concoctions, it can be hard to choose a path. To avoid even having to resort to one of these choices, you can take the time to find out what causes tooth discoloration to begin with and go about protecting the pearly whites you already have. Obviously, brushing your teeth is an important thing to do to ensure your teeth don’t become discolored, but there are a lot of other, often overlooked, factors that influence tooth discoloration.

Below are three things you may not know affect the whiteness of your teeth:

Medications – Certain antibiotics, when given to children with teeth still forming, can discolor teeth. Also, many common antihistamines like Benadryl and high blood pressure medication can cause discoloration as well.

Dental Products – You may rinse your mouth with mouth wash after every brush for your dental hygiene, but that could lead to tooth discoloration. Rinses with chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride can cause staining on the teeth. Also, certain materials used in dentistry, like any that contain silver sulfide, can make teeth appear a greyish-black color.

Diseases – Certain diseases can affect the hard enamel surface and underlying material of your teeth, resulting in tooth discoloration. In addition, the treatments for many ailments will have the same affect. Certain radiation treatments as well as chemotherapy can unfortunately discolor teeth.

Now that you know some of the more uncommonly-known causes of tooth discoloration, you can take steps to avoid some of them. If it’s too late and you’re already displeased with the color of your teeth, and are looking for teeth whitening in Brooklyn, NY, look no farther than Park Slope Dentistry. Learn more about our procedures at ParkSlopeDentist.net.