3 Myths About Cavities – Debunked

Cavities can be a painful experience. If one goes unnoticed, it can cause severe tooth pain and discomfort and aDental Tools lot of people are very uncomfortable getting fillings. So, you’ve probably gone through some lengths to ensure you never get one to avoid the suffering involved, and you think you’ve got it all covered. Unfortunately, many “causes” of cavities that are popularly discussed turn out not to be accurate at all. Below are three myths about cavities that we’re debunking for you so you know what it really takes to keep your teeth safe.

Myth: Kids get Cavities more than Adults. – Though kids do love candy, they’re not worse off than adults. With new improvements like fluoride in tap water, decay in children has halved.

Myth: Sugar is the Sole Cause of Cavities.  – While sugar is a factor in overall tooth health, the cause of cavities is actually acid produced by bacteria in your mouth. Sugar is only one of many foods that can trigger that process and lead to cavities.

Myth: If you have a Cavity, you will know. – While feeling tooth sensitivity or pain can be a sign of a cavity, these signals do not always appear in small cavities that have only just formed. In fact, if you’re feeling a significant amount of pain from a cavity it’s probably already grown to very large proportions and could’ve been caught much sooner at a regular checkup.

While cavities can be a pain, we at Park Slope Family Dentistry are here to help you. Visit ParkSlopeDentist.net to learn more about the services we offer or to contact us about a cleaning.